Timelapse Painting - Shipwreck Cove

2010-06-25 01:16:27 by AlvinHew

Another timelapse painting. Enjoy!

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2010-06-25 01:25:05

That was a good watch and listen. But at the very end I couldn't tell what you were changing.

(Updated ) AlvinHew responds:

If you watch it full-screen it'll be easier to see the details.


2010-06-25 01:44:10

I see it now.


2010-06-25 02:43:58

How much is it sped up? It's really interesting to see how you've done this. I've always wanted to be able to draw scenes like this. So you don't even do a sketch before you start? Do you just come up with an idea of what the scene will look like in your head and use that?

(Updated ) AlvinHew responds:

This piece was about 8 hours worth of work over a period of 2 days.

I often skip the sketching process when I paint. Years of practice has helped me to become better at visualizing the scene in my head and I feel it is not always necessary.

It's worth mentioning, though, that skipping the sketching phase isn't necessarily a sign of being a great artist or anything. It's just my style. There are plenty of great artists who still start out their paintings with a sketch.

Thanks for the comment!


2010-06-26 00:23:39

i love this seeing they artest at work is grate


2010-06-30 16:28:23

Wow! What a nice painting and btw what software did you use?


2010-07-09 17:30:21

I love your fantasy drawing style.


2010-07-18 04:07:10

this is amazing. its very good. you are a really advanced artist. you can call yourself a real artist. it looks not real, but its not an cartoon its very special. keep drawing


2010-08-13 00:26:12

Wow, now that looks really good!
That must have taken you a long time!
8 Hours striaght, Wow you have got great determination!
What program did you use for this painting?!
I really hope you don't stop making art, your art is amazing!

I hope I could draw as good as you do!
Besides, after I saw your art work, you're one of my top 5 Insperations!
Probably number 2! :p
Thank you! :D

AlvinHew responds:

Ah, thanks for the kind words. It made my day.


2010-08-16 20:23:10

Man, you rock too much to not be Famous, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you, though I think I'd have to get a whole lot better if I want to be famous.

But to be honest, I'm fine with being generally unknown as well. Just as long as the people who do know about me enjoy my art, I'm happy.


2010-09-06 18:03:57

What was that weird shadow in the middle of the beach at 2:59?

AlvinHew responds:

It was a simple silhouette of a figure I drew just to see how big a person would look compared to the wreckage.


2010-09-12 04:38:41

Hey thanks for posting this, i was struggling with how to create a digital picture using a drawing pad now i think i can finally create the mental images in my head. haha thx again, keep on drawing ^^


2010-09-26 05:17:36

how did you make it? whether by computer or you painted it ?


2010-10-20 05:22:52

reminds me of king's quest vi


2010-11-09 13:43:40

I just browsed your stuff and I think it's beautiful. Everything is neatly done and with a lot of love (or some kind of devotion).
Creativity for the win and keep it up, man.

Now I like Canadians even more ;-)


2011-01-10 18:32:17

Lol San7a I was going to say the exact same thing