Creature Speed Painting

2010-11-26 12:35:08 by AlvinHew


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2010-11-30 15:00:40

This is awesome. Where did you learn to paint like this? Your profil is always worth a visit.
ps: nice song, rancid rules ;)

AlvinHew responds:

I've learned how to paint from various sources, but like any artist will tell you, it's really the hard work and practice that helps one improve.


2010-12-06 23:37:07

It's Zobomafooooooooo!!!!!!!

AlvinHew responds:



2011-01-10 18:30:18

I think you have the highest art portal average on newgrounds right now that is pretty awesome. I also noticed your account start up date is the same as mine.Anyway I have to ask you about the house/temple-like drawing in your banner. Is there a place I can see the full drawing? Goodluck.

AlvinHew responds:

Hey there. That painting is posted in my deviantART gallery. Here is the direct link: llery/24244297#/d1clfti


2011-01-31 14:01:47

Are you interested in making a flash game?


2011-03-02 11:38:35

Wow this is just impossible to make!


2011-04-10 00:24:43

I'm jelly of people who have interestingly short last names


2011-10-01 22:08:07

I love your art, man!

Keep up the good work! ;)