Newgrounds' new layout is awesome!

2012-02-17 11:20:38 by AlvinHew

I'm really loving the new layout. Might take me a bit longer to really get used to it, but I think the presentation is much, much better now.

Great job to the Newgrounds design team!


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2012-02-17 20:05:06

Meh, 'sokay. It's geared towards noobs. The older we get, the more they screw with the software.

(Updated ) AlvinHew responds:

Gearing it towards new users is a good idea since it'll attract more users. Also, I think the new layout showcases the art much better.


2012-02-17 20:20:35

Yeah and they are still making it better as I type this too.

AlvinHew responds:

Ah, cool!


2012-02-17 22:36:15

I love the background art, Especially on the audio page.

AlvinHew responds:

Yeah it's pretty cool!


2012-02-19 18:32:59

Some things are still not working, but it is a pretty sweet look.

AlvinHew responds:

Yeah man!