Reason for my recent inactivity

2015-10-31 15:10:34 by AlvinHew

Hi everyone!  Not sure who still checks out my page here on Newgrounds, but I thought I'd let anyone who still does know what's happening with me these days.

Earlier this year, I was hired at a game company that makes an educational online math game for kids called Prodigy.  Since then, I've been super busy and haven't had much time for personal art.  On top of that, the company is now slowly transitioning me into a lead position, which means I'll soon be even more busy than before.

I really want to get to a point where I can carve out at least a couple hours every day for personal art because I miss posting on wonderful art communities like this.  But at least in the short term, I'm going to be remaining inactive.

Sorry about that.  I hope you're all doing well.


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2015-10-31 22:01:15

I honestly don't care if you post much art or not, You have a job! your getting paid to do stuff.

AlvinHew responds:

Hmm, I see. Ideally though, I'd like to do both. It's just a matter of drastically improving my time management skills, which I don't think will happen short term.


2015-11-01 23:29:00

Hey, a job that pays well can be good- but we'll still be here for what art you can post when you can get to it.

AlvinHew responds:

That honestly means a lot to me, thank you.


2015-11-08 09:55:19

Living the dream babyyyyyy.


2015-11-22 15:24:19

Despite being here for 8 years, I've only discovered your work until now and I must say bro, holy shit, your work is godly. I strive to be you someday, congrats on the leadership position btw, have any advice for a fellow artist like me who's just starting out?

AlvinHew responds:

Hey man, thanks for stopping by. I'd say the two biggest lessons I've learned thus far for succeeding in the art world are:

1. Networking is important. Being active on art websites and connecting with other artists increases your chances of landing good gigs.

2. Never give up. Being an artist requires sacrifice, and it's a tough road. But if you keep pressing onwards no matter what, you'll eventually find success.


2016-02-17 17:50:43

You’re working hard, and that matters. Can't wait to see you submit your wonderful art soon. Until then friend.

AlvinHew responds:

Hey man, thanks! I've been hard at work trying to improve my art after office hours. I hope to return eventually, better than ever!


2016-03-30 18:59:44

You are a fine artist and even though I would wait a century for you to upload an art piece, I would rather it be sooner. You have a job, and by now you're surly in the leading position But even so I hope one day you return with a master piece, that will once again show you're brilliance. I'm writing this now not to press you, but to remind you, to remind you that we are still here and we are still enjoying your art. Hope you return soon - Doc


2016-04-09 21:33:43

Why are you sorry?! How are you supposed to be an epic artist AND work a full time job at the same time?

Look, man, I can't do either of those.